Financing For Your Business

Financing For Your Business

Specialty Programs

 CAPITAL LEASES  - Capital leases are the most common method for financing equipment and software


 EQUIPMENT FINANCE AGREEMENTS  -  In certain situations an equipment finance agreement is the most   beneficial way of financing equipment or software.


MUNICIPAL FINANCING  - Quick Business Funding offers financing programs specifically designed to benefit municipalities


 STARTUP FINANCING - Quick Business Funding offers several programs specifically designed to finance startup businesses


 WORKING CAPITAL LOANS - If you run a small business and are seeking working capital for inventory, expansion, or just to supplement your cash flow


 NO MONEY DOWN FINANCING –  Businesses who qualify for this program can start using their equipment or software before ever making a payment


 CHURCH FINANCING - Religious organizations large and small can access funding through Quick Business Funding. We have extensive experience in arranging funding for tax exempt entities


 CORPORATION FUNDING - Under this program qualifying corporations are not required to provide any kind of personal guarantee. Personal credit will not be reviewed


 MEDICAL DENTAL FUNDING - Medical and Dental practices have more financing options available to them than any other type of business


 CO-LESSEES - Do you own more than one business? You may benefit from using multiple companies to finance your acquisition


PRIVATE PARTY - Sometimes you can find the best deal for your equipment via private party. Let Quick Business Funding arrange the financing for your private party transaction


 SALE LEASEBACK - Have you recently bought equipment that you would like to use as collateral for a working capital loan?


 CREDIT CARD RECEIVABLES FINANCING - Use your credit card receivables as collateral on a working capital loan


 ACCOUNT RECEIVABLES FINANCING - If you are looking for some quick cash you may want to consider selling some of your account receivables.


 OPERATING LEASES - Operating leases offer the lowest possible monthly payments. Your lease payments are 100% tax deductible under this type of arrangement


 STEP AND SEASONAL PROGRAMS - Quick Business Funding can tailor your financing arrangement to match your business’ seasonal cash flow.


 FRANCHISES - Starting up a franchise business at a new location? New franchise locations are usually not considered to be startup businesses.


 OTHER - Do you have something else in mind? Quick Business Funding will help you find the solution. Over the past 30 years Quick Business Funding has funded all kinds of transactions


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